Top Bitcoin Mining Software of 2020

You may not be a tech savvy person or not too well-informed about the latest technologies emerging globally, but it is rather unlikely that you have never heard of the word Bitcoin. Bitcoin has stormed the world ever since it first made an appearance ten years ago, and if one were to go by its history and future predictions, it appears that the Bitcoin is very much here to stay.

To get Bitcoins, you can buy them against fiat currencies or you can also “mine” Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency mining involves the use of dedicated and specialized hardware or ASIC computers which consumer very high processing power to solve complex cryptographic puzzles. You will also need mining software for managing the mining rigs. Here is the top mining software for the Bitcoin in 2020:

  1. The CG Miner has been there for many years now and continues to be highly trusted for Bitcoin mining purposes. It boasts of strong community support and has many features making it unarguably the finest mining software in the market for Bitcoin. This is a cross-platform miner compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux operating systems, and with both ASIC and FPGA hardware. It is equipped with remote interface capabilities and has a scalable network schedules capable of scaling to different hash rates without delay.
  2. The MultiMiner is perfect when you are a newcomer and feeling slightly intimidated by the thought of mining the Bitcoin independently. This is easiest to use as far as mining software go and is a feature-rich desktop application. It works well with Mac, Linux and Windows OS and you can switch mining devices between different crypto coins. It comes with features like automatic network-device detection and remote-controlling of rigs. Visit to learn more about automated bitcoin trading applications.,
  1. The BFGminer is probably the best in terms of customizability. It is written in C and offers monitoring, remote-interface capabilities, and dynamic clocking. Its features also include getwork proxy server, built-in stratum, code that can delegate work retrieval and submission to different threats to avoid hampering working services. This miner has a watchdog thread too that can restart idle threads; it will not crash your computer if it fails to respond.
  2. Bit Minter works best across platforms and has its excusive mining pool which is one of the earliest. It works with Mac OS, Linux, Windows and the client is based on JNLP or Java Network Launch Protocol; so no installation is needed. The GUI is straightforward and user-friendly; you only need to sign up with the pool on the official website to get started.
  3. Miner Server is the best software for cloud mining which is a good option if you are not too keen to invest in costly ASIC computers or have your own mining rig. You get hash power depending on the package you choose at the pool. You can even earn bonus hash power on referring this miner to others who then sign up with the site.
  4. Easy Miner is an open-source, GUI-based, and front-end software upgrade meant for BFGminer and CGMiner. This offers a cleaner user interface and it can integrate with your wallet easily. You get to mine a host of crypto coins like Litecoin, Bitcoin etc but using only ASIC hardware and Windows OS.

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